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a girl should be two things, [entries|friends|calendar]

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Hello, beauties.

So my weekend was pretty fun.
Friday night, we met up with Michael, and went bowling.
Then we went and saw Resident Evil 3, it was awesomee.

Last night, we watched the game at Josh's, and decided to drink..
I ended up drinking 2 miniatures of vodka, and like 4 shots of crown.
Rachel came over, and brought Tequila.
After downing like 3 of her tequila pineappele whatevers, i was ohso drunk and ohso sick.

haha, I woke up this morning with a full face of make-up still.
love it.

how was yalls weekend?

FRIENDS ONLY.<3 [Aug1707]
[ mood | creative ]

yes sir; i said locked.

Hey Hunnies.
Wanna be my friend? 
add me first, comment and tell me who in the hell you are.=] 

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